"Get in the Game...Be a Champion for Ada"

Fundraiser     July 10, 2011     Arlington, Texas

 Thank you everyone for a great turnout and for making Ada's party a fantastic success!


Ada is very lucky to have a friend like you Debbie, and all your wonderful Lara soul sisters, and and your awesome brothers, all your sibling in-laws, and everyone else who participated in making this a priceless and memorable success in the history of my sister's long illness.  Bless you Debbie!    Thank you all!             D. Malone 10/04/2013

P.S. Ada may be getting a new kidney in the next few months.  Another living donor has been tested very recently, and the results will be in within a few weeks.  Then Part 9 of Ada's Story can be written.

      Doris Lara Mullins, Marlene Malone, Debbie Lara Peal, Diana Lara Galvin, Rosie Lara, David Lara, Michael Daniel Lara